Still running…For now

So I went to see the doctor yesterday about a problem/pain I’ve been having in my hip.  After 30 plus minutes of her twisting, pushing and just causing me discomfort she decided to send me for an MRI.  She thinks that I have torn or damaged my cartilage in the hip which is causing the pain when I move my leg certain directions.   Thankfully there is no pain during walking, running or hiking.  So she said that I could continue to run and train for my half and full marathons.  Now of course that was with the caveat that if I start to feel pain then I have to stop and come back to the office.  So now I have to wait for the first MRI which is scheduled for the end of this month to discover what the problem might be.  Unfortunately she told me that I will most likely have to go through an additional MRI for them to diagnose the problem.  The doctor also said I had to start using my foam roller more because of IT band issues.  Lucky me…I hate the foam roller, its painful!!!

So until there is pain while running or they tell me otherwise I’m containing my path down training for a marathon.  This morning the base had a 5K for Sexual Assault and Bystander Intervention Awareness month.  And you better believe that I was out there, especially since it was an alternate duty location (in other words I got the morning off from work to be outdoors).  I finished in 32 minutes; I’m almost back down to a 30 minute 5K.  Its nice to start seeing improvements finally.  I’m attempting to run my July Chicago half marathon in 2:15.  I shaved 12 minutes off my last half marathon time so I believe that 15 minutes is possible.  Regardless of the time its going to be fun and I have time to do a little site seeing while I’m there.

Otters news, I have ten days left of class.  I cannot wait for this class to be over with.  The group project is becoming a never ending layer of craziness.  All I have to do at this point is pass the final and group projects with an 80 percent or higher.  As long as I get at least a “B” in the class that is all I care about.  I’m looking forward to the time off from class.  I will not be taking a class this summer.  I plan to enjoy the outdoors, some reading, and a little traveling.

Safe journey to all…

May They All Find Peace…

The week has gone by somewhat fast, but not nearly as fast as I would like.  The weekend is suppose to be beautiful, so I’m looking forward to a hike at the lake and hopefully a few good days of outdoors running.  My recovery period from the half marathon is up, so its back  to pounding the pavement or in some cases the treadmill.  I must continue my marathon training.  I’m expecting an acceptance email into the Chicago Marathon for October.  The unfortunate part is that I have a half marathon the weekend after, a half marathon three weeks prior, plus a physical fitness test due in the month of October.  It should be a fun and interesting five weeks.

So for those of you that might live in a cave or under a rock (and some do and I do not hold that against anyone) the Boston Marathon bomber was found guilty on all 30 accounts today.  I have to say as a runner and a person that I was glad to see that justice will be served in someway.  I hope that the victims of that bombing, both those still a live and those that have past from this world find some peace in that verdict and in the punishment that will be given.

May those souls rest in peace knowing that justice has been served…..

Safe journey to all…..

Running & Discovery…

Well its been a fun last few weeks.  A few weeks ago I spent seven days at Lake Conroe, Texas with a friend celebrating her birthday.  It was one heck of a crazy adventure.  The resort was right on the lake, so there was some drinking and attempts at fishing…Nope didn’t catch a thing, but it was fun.  We even went kayaking on the lake for a few hours.  That was a great time.  I wouldn’t mind lake kayaking again.  Lake kayaking might be a new hobby to take up.  We also got a nice hike in at Sam Houston National Forest.  It was only a few miles because of all the rain from the week before.  It was a beautiful hike, wish we could have gone further.  We also took a trip to the Houston Zoo.  There was also lots of great food involved throughout the week too.  And yes I kept up with my marathon training.


Oh I don’t think I’ve post since then, but I put in for a lottery slot for the 2015 Chicago Full Marathon…Oh yes I’m totally insane I know!!!  I finished another half marathon earlier today in Springfield, IL.  It was the Abe Lincoln half, run where Honest Abe walked.  The run was absolutely great!  There is so much wonderful and rich history in that city.  I managed to visit the Abe Lincoln museum and library.  The museum was just amazing, I loved the dresses that the women wore, but I could never imagine getting into one let alone wearing them.  Life was so harsh back then.  I can’t even being to image what people went through back then to survive nor the challenges that they faced throughout everyday life.  We take a lot for grant it during these modern days, things that were by far life threatening back then.


I can’t wait to run this one again next year.  I love running.  I always come back changed, learning something new about myself and discovering new limits that I have surpassed. Its like finding myself all over again every time I take a step, being lost in my own mind to find and discover those crazy things floating around.  Sometimes I even come up with a good idea or two…


Safe journey to all….

Friday the 13th….

This is one of my favorite days of the year…yes I know I’m a little weird and off, but I find that this is a good luck day for me.  I find that a day, date, holiday, or anything else for that matter is what we make it.  I do not fear black cats, ladders, or spilt salt on this day like others do.

Its been a while since I last wrote, but life and college have been a little crazy.  At the moment I’m six weeks from finishing one of six masters degree classes.  This class has been rather challenging, but I will be happy when its over.  A master degree can be very demanding, don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Other fun stuff, I’ve put in for a lottery spot for the Chicago Full Marathon.  Yes I said full marathon, 26.2 miles.  This will be my first marathon and furthest run to date.  I’m a little nervous about it.  Part of me hopes that I will not be selected while the other half is like you got this girl.  So as of now I’m in full marathon training. There is still a bit of denial about this going on with me.  Maybe it will sink in if I get selected.

On another fun note I can say publicly I’m headed to Texas at the end of the month for a girls week.  My friends husband surprised her with a girl getaway vacation for her birthday.  Its should be fun and is much needed.  Then a month after that I head to Southern California for two weeks of vacation visiting friends and family there.  I can’t wait, I haven’t seen the unbiological sister and her family in almost fifteen years.  So excited to visit with everyone…

Well its back to homework for me.  I hope everyone is having a great Friday the 13th and safe journey to all….

The Meaning of the Word Family…

I have a few minutes to myself in between making dinner and working on homework so I decided to write a quick post.  So over the past few months I’ve had a one too many things happen that made me wonder what people think the word “family” really means.  Most people when asked this question would go straight to the generic answer, blood related relatives, i.e. mom, dad, sister, aunt….Well for me its a bit different.  Family to me is those that understand you, except you as you are, don’t judge and are just generally there when you need them.  For me a person does not need to be blood related to be thought of as family.  I have four best friends that are in no way related to me by blood, but everyone of them is family to me.  I would trust them with my life anytime, anywhere.  As for some of my family…that would never happen; in fact I have family members that have told me in not so direct terms that I need to change how I act, think and what I believe in.  I’m sorry, but that is not how family works.  If an intervention was need to keep me from harming myself or others then I would understand these actions, but that is not the case.

I’m happy with who I am, what I believe in, and how I live my life.  I refuse to conform because someone else tells me too.  I do not want to be someone else, I want to be myself and be free to live my life as I see fit with no one else telling me how to act, what to think or what I should like.  This being said brings me to my next soapbox….Why do people fall into this trap?  Why do they let people tell them how they should act or what they should be doing or what to believe?  We have free will for a reason…we can make our own choices about our lives.

I watch people raise their children to be like this.  They tell the child what to do, what to like, what is right, what is wrong, or who they can be friends with.  What I don’t see them do is taper this behavior off as the child gets older.  As children get older they have to learn how to make choices on their own.  They have to learn how to have good judgement.  If they do not learn these skills then they have a hard time in society, tending to make wrong choices.  They chose the wrong friend who then gets them onto the wrong path and things just spiral down from there.  These children become followers which can be a hard thing to unlearn.  They have no issue with doing everything they are told without question.  I’ve seen too many good people end up on the wrong side of life because they only understood how to follow instead of how to question and make a decision in life.  And don’t get me wrong many of them didn’t care that they were going down the wrong path, they just wanted to “fit in”, others just didn’t know how to get out.

At some point we have to learn to be our own person otherwise what is the point in living life just to walk, talk and look like someone else….At some point we have to learn how to live our own lives…

Alright sorry about the soapbox, but it was something that just struck me as I watch people around me which then followed into the second soapbox….All done I promise!

Superbowl Sunday…

What does my Superbowl Sunday include?? First off it does not require nor include watching the game.  I have far to many things to accomplish to sit around watching a four hour game when I can check the score via the Internet.  What it does include is homework, working out and some cleaning around the house.  This all goes back to my post on balancing life.  There are things that have to be sacrificed sometimes for other things to be accomplished.  In this case I have studying to accomplish and a football game will hinder that work.  I would also like to get a little reading in for the day too; which once again would not happen very well if the game is on.  I’ll be honest the only reason I tend to watch the game each year is because my husband watches it.  This year however he is away on business so there will be no game for me.  No I’m not sad nor do I feel that I’m missing out on anything.

I also have to get a run in (unfortunately it will be on the treadmill today thanks to the rainy weather).  I tallied my runs from January to discover that I ran 52 miles in 31 days.  That is a new PR for my monthly milage.  So I’ve set my February running goal at 100 miles.  This is doable as long as I remain focused on the goal.  And hopefully the weather improves some or at least is some what nice come February 7th for my 6-mile trail race.  I have an odd feeling that there will be snow on the path come next weekend.  Oh well should make for a fun event.

Something else that is being demanded of my time today…the cat.  Khloe is more demanding than the beagle most days and today is no exception.  Khloe is insisting that I play with her.  The more one ignores her the louder she screams…oh I mean talks.  It is rather annoying somedays, but it is also rather cute (on rare occasions).  At the moment the feather pole that she plays fetch with (yes she fetches toys) keeping inching closer and closer to me.  Guess this is what I get for buying a not so normal cat from a not so normal place.

Well back to life….

Safe journey….

Balancing life…

Balancing life…this is something that I have never claimed to find easy.  In fact I find it to be a challenge most days, especially during the school semester.  But I never dreamed how much more challenging it could become until I started my master’s degree a few weeks ago.  Before I just had to pass the class with a “C”, now I have to have a “B” or better.  This isn’t hard, in fact I completed my bachelors with a 3.65.  However those classes were not nearly as demanding as the classes for my master’s degree.

I always knew that a master’s degree was going to be a lot of work, but I didn’t realize the true amount until I actually started…good thing I’m only taking one class at a time for now (which is really two classes with my college because they rolled two classes into one and made them six units instead of three).  I’m finding the information presented to be rather interesting which will hopefully keep me fully engaged in the classes.  The downside is that the classes are going to take away from some of my personal writing time.  Personal writing time helps me keep the stress down and allows for my creative side to come out.

Well back to the homework…

Safe journey to all…