I’ve been meaning to post a new entry for a while now, but unfortunately things have been a little crazy.  I’m starting my last week of my current classes which means finals, term papers and homework.  However in the grand scheme of life I’ve found time for myself.  Yesterday I completed a thirty-five mile bike ride just outside of St. Louis, Missouri.  One must keep in mind that I haven’t been on the bike since November thanks to the cold and snow.  It was a beautiful ride with some great history along the way.  There were beautiful rock formations along the ride thanks to the cliffs that the trail was built next to.  I’m cannot wait for the trees, flowers and fields to bloom again so that I can travel the path again for so great photography shots.  Even with  the chill of the day the ride was still great and I’m happy that I went.  However on that note I realized just how out of shape I am, especially on the bike.  Bike riding is a must add to my half marathon training plan.    In fact I’m sore all over from that bike ride and I still have to run four miles today…I’m not so sure how I’m going to make the entire four miles.  Wish me luck.

Other than running what seems like everyday, there’s not much going on here.  I’m happy to report that my wrist is getting better.  In fact the pain is down to minimal and livable, but I’m still being very cautious with it.  Next month I finally get to head out to San Antonio, Texas for my corrective eye surgery.  I’ve been trying to work this into my busy life for a while, but just couldn’t quite find the time.  I can’t wait to be able to run or bike ride without glasses.  They can be such a nuisances playing sports.  The best part about the location, I get to hangout with one of my best friends the entire ten days that I’m there!

Well its time for that four mile run….

Safe journey…..


Well is Tuesday and the week is going rather well.  I finally finished my midterms over the weekend.  I have never had a midterm drive me looney, but one of them did.  If my instructor was attempting to challenge us to think an IQ of 150 then I would say that he succeeded.  I would have rather taken an online Organic Chemistry final over my Polygraph midterm.  But both midterms are complete so its back to a normal college week for a while until finals roll around. These are my final two classes for my Bachelors of Science in Forensic before starting my capstone that will lead to my diploma.  Its hard to believe that I’m almost complete.  After that I’m taking a few months off before I start my Masters and a few certificate courses.

So I hit the gym tonight.  I’ve decide that the cold weather is not leaving anytime soon, so running outside is on hold.  So its off to running on the indoor track for me.  I’m not really fond of the indoor track, but its honestly better than using the treadmill all the time.  Plus I have a physical fitness test get in a few months that I must pass.  All I know is that I can’t wait to start running outside, hiking and bicycling again.  The number one thing that I dislike about the cold, snow, and ice is that it hinders me from my beloved outside activities.  I have faith that spring will be here soon!!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I spent the weekend working on midterms so I didn’t get out much.  I did mange to get some personal reading time in and a little cuddle time with the kids (the cats and dogs).  Other than that the week has been really uneventful, which I do tend to like every now and then.  It forces me to slow down and relax.  I unfortunately have to be forced to find relaxing me time, horrible I know.  Did anyone do anything fun this weeks, read any good books, or meet a new friend??

Safe Journey…

Good news or should I say silver lining…

I saw my orthopedic surgeon today for my TFCC tear, silver lining is no surgery at the moment.  She has decide to work another path that will hopefully help the tear to mend naturally.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this works.  I would really love to avoid the surgery part of this injury.

Other than that not much else happened to day.  Work was rather quite so I was able to get a little studying done.  And now I’m at home doing what you might ask…homework.  Got to love midterm week!  Oh and I’ve got a nine pound cat screaming at me every two minutes to throw her feather pole.  If I decide to ignore her she just gets worse to include getting in my face about the bloody pole.  However I do have to admit that she is the cutest thing for the most part!

Sorry but this one is going to be short, must do homework!!!

Safe Journey!

The Crazy Week Ahead…

Wow the week ahead is going to be somewhat crazy.   Its midterm week, which is normally crazy but this time its a little more than normal.  Normally all we have is reading plus my midterms, but this time one of my instructors assigned homework plus the midterm which consist of fourteen essay questions that require no less than five hundred word answers.  And of course that is the minimum which means to receive full credit one must write more than five hundred words per question.  I’m slowly seeing my plans of hiking on Saturday dwindling.  Oh well such is life…of course this would be more acceptable if I were working on my Masters Degree versus my Bachelors Degree but I didn’t choose the easiest of degrees either.  I look forward to the challenges of the week ahead.  I know I will complete everything and receive flying colors, if for no other reason my perfectionist need in life itself.

So aside from that and work things are good. Hopefully they will still be good after seeing the Orthopedic surgeon tomorrow, but I kind of already know the outcome….surgery.  So according to the MRI I apparently have a TFCC tear or torn cartilage in my wrist.  And it would be just my luck that the only true fix is surgery.  So tomorrow I meet with the surgeon to discuss the MRI and what to expect of the surgery.  What can I say, another adventure in life awaits.  Maybe next time I’ll think twice about ignoring the pain for months on end…after thinking about it, probably not.  But on the bright side I can still run after the surgery, but no weights or pushups for three to six months.

Now for the philosophical side of the post….

Over the years I have come to learn and understand a few things, in fact they have become my rules of life.  First off only you can make yourself happy.  You must be the one to find the silver lining in every situation in life.  No one can find it for you!  Second you must make the best of every situation.  If someone hands you lemons then make lemoncello with it.  Don’t sit back and bitch about things if you are not willing to take the time to fix them.  Others cannot fix your problems for you, only you can fix them.  Third always be able to take care of yourself in any any situation.  Never rely one hundred percent on someone else.  You never know if they will be there the next day, next week or even the next year so make sure that if something were to happen that you can survive.  Fourth don’t be fake.  Don’t say one thing and then turn around and do something else.  You can’t preach about one thing telling people do this and turn around and do the opposite, any and all respect people had for you just flew the coop.  and the last thing don’t lie or pit people against one another.  Don’t lie to one person about something just to change your story when your called out about it….once again loss of respect right there.

And one positive piece of philosophy (because there always has to be a positive)…always forgive, always be the better person regardless as to whether someone has lied to you, played the fake card, or even used you, always forgive them….always be the better person and move one once you have forgiven them.  Why??  Because your life will be more peaceful knowing that you did the right thing by being the better person.  You did not sink to their level… You can’t change who people are, they will do what they want and be who they want, but you do not have to go down with them.  Everyone is free to be their own person and make their own choices.  Realize that its not your fault, put those people behind you and move on with life to better friends.

Alright I’m done with the philosophical side for at least a few days.  I hope that everyone had a great weekend and a great week ahead!

Safe Journey!!

The Odd Things in Life…

So here I sit writing this entry because the weather decided that today was not a good day for me to run.  How did the weather decide this you might ask….20 to 30 mile per hour winds with gust up to 55 miles per hour.  Talk about ruining my plans for a relaxing run.  Oh well things happen and this is not really surprising since the weather here in Illinois as been odd for the past three months.  In fact we are also under a tornado watch right now….seriously its not even tornado season yet!  I guess this gives me extra time to study as well as finish some other items up. To include unpacking the last few boxes from the move.  Heck maybe I’ll get some extra Nook reading in tonight too.  Its funny how normal things become odd, like the weather, people or even animals.  The odd and changing do keep me on my toes.

Well time to fix some dinner, do some studying and who knows what else.  I hope everyone is having a great day.

Safe Journey!

The New Year….

Wow its already February…time does fly when your having fun or in my case just being busy!  But before I look at the New Year that is upon us let me catch you up on last year.  First I moved locations thanks to the Air Force needs.  Illinois is nice and I actually really like here.  In fact my husband and I have discussed that we could retire here as long as we can find some good jobs.  The weather is awesome, the people are nice, and life is simple.  A few months are arriving here I not only attempt, but completed my first Tough Mudder.  That was one of the best days ever.  I finished and completed all the obstacle of the twelve-mile course!  Let’s see then somewhere in there I completed four college classes plus a professional military education class.  Then we bought a beautiful house in November and moved in during December.  And of course with all this going on I was still working full days….talk about a crazy busy year.

Now on to 2014….Yup I know what you are thinking its only February so what can I possible have to chat about.  I took January off from school, which was great.  I needed the break!  I’m official in my last two major core classes.  After these two I have my sixteen-week graduate capstone course and I will be complete with my Bachelors of Science in Forensics just to move on to a few certificates that I want and then to my Masters degree.  Let’s see in September I will be in Ohio for a few days too run my first half-marathon followed by a 5K a week later in Texas.  I have my second Tough Mudder in October this coming year; I can’t wait.  It is going to be a blast.  Oh I almost forgot about July, I’ll be spending a week biking across Iowa.  I can’t wait for this one.  Its a week across the sate stopping in specific cities to camp over night.  My husband will be joining me on this adventure.

With all the fun and exciting adventure however comes some not so fun stuff, but life will be better for it.  Sometime next moth I have to have surgery on my wrist.  Apparently the pain I’ve been dealing with for the past six or seven months in my wrist has been a cartilage tear.  They have to perform surgery in order to repair the damage.  So tis will make the bike ride in July a little tricky.  The problem being that they can’t tell how bad the tear is until they see it so it is anywhere from a three to six month recover.  Plus I’m finally going in to get my eyes corrected while I’m in a non-flying job for the next few years.  This is one I’ve been trying to accomplish for a while and just haven’t been able to work into my work schedule while I was deploying.  And somewhere in the mix of life we are planning to add a little one too our family (and yes I mean a human kid this time).

There’s not much else that I can think of for the coming year.  For tahe year I plan to make sure to keep up with my non-college reading. It keeps me sane most weeks plus get out for a lot more sight seeing and hiking!  In fact I’m hoping it warms up soon so I can head to Springfield, Illinois to visit the Abraham Lincoln historical sights.  I have to say I’m done with the snow, the cold, and the ice around here.  I’m ready for some heat, flowers and green again!

May everyone have wonderful and adventurous New Year!  I hope to hear about everyone else’s plans for the coming year and all your adventures!

Safe Journey!