The End…

And in the matter of seconds my life fell apart… He claimed it wasn’t me, but I know better. It’s always me, not affectionate enough, too affectionate, etc… I guess I’m not worth anything, not worth fighting for and not worth staying around for!! This will be my last post for a while, if not permanently. I can’t seem do anything else right, so what makes me think I can write blog…

It’s been a fun time writing, blogging and reading others work. I’ll still be reading everyone’s blogs, just not responding.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful journey through life!

One Crazy Fun Weekend…

So on Thursday I drove six hours for one reason….to run 13.1 miles on Saturday in the Air Force Half Marathon.  Yup I know slightly crazy, but it was fun.  Honestly its a great race to run, nice course, nice people, and great support along the route.  It’s also a good warmup to the Chicago Marathon that I’m running in three weeks.  Wow when you say that out loud or in this case write down it seems a bit scary.  I’ve never ran more than 13 miles in a session and I’m about to embark on a run that will cover 26.2 miles of a city full of life.  I will persevere, I will complete the marathon within the six hour and thirty minute time limit, I will push beyond my limits to set a new one…The plan is to have run at least twenty miles in one session by 4 October.  I’ve got a plan and a goal in sight…

On a different note, classes are back in session.  So far they are not too bad, but I also know that the first few weeks always lie…so yup I’m expecting worse to show up soon to class.  It always shows its ugly face.   I just have to keep telling myself that I’m almost done….just four more classes.  No it doesn’t lessen the pain any.  It just makes me few better that I’ve actually started and almost finished my Masters Degree.

Well its back to reality and responsibility tomorrow morning.  I’m unfortunately not looking forward to the alarm clock going off, but hey its got to be done.  I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did.  Hopefully there was a lot of fun and adventure!

Safe journey!

The entertainment of the coming week…

Its Monday and crazy as always.  I started another Masters class last week and of course as normal the first week was a liar. The first was rather easy, some reading and two post and responses.  This week six chapters of reading plus a paper.  And of all the weeks, this is the week that I’m headed to Ohio for the Air Force Half-Marathon.  This should make the week even crazier than it already was going to be.  Oh well each day is a new beginning and one never knows where that beginning will take them.  Hopefully its not going to be more craziness.

You know I kind of bitch about thing, but to be honest I would change much of anything in my life.  I love being busy, whether its with work, school, running, or out enjoying one of my random hobby.  If I had nothing to do then life would be boring for me. I enjoy staying busy; it keeps me young!!  The craziness keeps life interesting too…I’m weird and proud of it.

How is everyone out there in cyberland doing??  Anything fun and interesting going on??

Safe journey!!

Is it sad…

This will be short….is it sad that my next Master’s Degree class doesn’t start until 7 Sept, but I’m already studying for it?  I mean really I don’t receive enough torture during the 12 week classes that I have to start adding my own torture to it three to five weeks in advance.  Somedays I really do wonder what is wrong with me.  Life will be painful enough and here I go just adding to that pain.  Maybe some day I might learn…..nope most likely not!

Writing, Feedback and Books….

As I sit here tonight writing this post, I listen to the thunderstorm that is rolling in while thinking about my last post that I wrote. I wrote a post about fear, about how people should embrace fear and learn from it instead of running from it. I’ve never been one to give into fear, so I’d like to find something fun and upbeat to write about in this post….yup it can be hard. Honestly I’m attempting to understand the anatomy of writing a book or I guess I should say creating a story. I have the basic idea, but its hard to find a plot that not only one can write a story about, but that can be developed enough to make it into an entire book.

I think however that I have come up with a plan. Once I finally decided on my plot, I’ll write what I can. After that I’ll go back and work of developing the story even further until I have something to work with for a book. And honestly I never expect to be a published author; I just want to write a book to prove to myself that I can do it. My writing is not great; I proofread things about twenty times before I feel that it’s almost good enough for public eye. And even once I’ve decided that it’s ready for the public eye I still find errors require corrections.

I’m by no means perfect at writing so I have to practice. It is this fact that started me on the journey of blogging. The blog gives me a means to write, practice, and sometimes even be a little creative. The blog also gives me the chance to receive feedback from people, both positive and negative. So by all means leave any feedback you like. It does not matter whether it is positive or negative, all feedback is good as long as we take that way, learn from it and move forward in life!

Embracing fear…

I follow and read a multitude of different blogs. I do this for a number of reasons. First off I find it interesting to read what other write about. Second I learn about my own writing which in turn helps my writing skills to grow. Earlier today I came across a blog post that I found to be rather sad. It wasn’t sad because of the subject but more because of what the writer believed.

This particular author had not written any blog post in over a year. They stated this was because someone told them that they had no business writing in a blog because their writing was bad. First off we are a species of learning. We crave learning and to better ourselves. So to fear other people’s critiques and allow them to stop you from something is just sad in my eyes. If I were to fear what others say about me or their critiques then I would have missed out on a lot throughout life. They should learn from the experience and advice. They should not hide in fear from something they enjoy simply because of what others think or say.

When people critique your work, you should run with that information. Even if you think they are being mean or just don’t like your work. Take what they say and try to improve. Try to understand what they might not like about the work, try to find a way to add improvement.  I’ve come to learn over the years that things can always be improved upon, nothing is perfect! Something else to remember is some people don’t understand what they sound like when they are giving critiques, they might just be a blunt and to the point type person also. I know I’m guilty of this. I really dislike people beating around the bush and attempting to sugar coat things. Just come out and tell me I suck and where you see a problem at. I’m going to take what you say to heart and attempt to improve.

But the lesson here is to not hide from fear, but to grow and learn from it! If we hide every time something scares us then we will never move forward in life. I mean think about history if people had hidden because of their fears we as a species wouldn’t be as advanced as we are. Many writers had their work critique by others…imagine if Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling, Voltaire and even Ernest Hemingway had stopped writing just because of what others said. Think of all the great stories and books that would never had been written for minds to read….And these are just author, think about the scientist, activist, humanitarians, and even just those that commit everyday ordinary acts of kindness.  Embrace fear!

Safe journey…


This is going to be a little short.  The craziness of the week has ended.  The retirement for my boss that I’ve been assisting in planning for the past two months went off without a problem  The entire ceremony looked really nice, there was a great showing of people, and the boss was happy with everything.  That is all that mattered!  For as much as I’ll miss the boss I’m glad the ceremony is over and done.  I’ll be honest after planning a few of these I’ve decided that I’m not having a retirement ceremony.  I’m just going to have a party at the house that night for close friends and family.  Life will be so much better for everyone.

So with that fun being over the next fun begins.  Tomorrow morning I have a 10K run…it should be fun as long as the weather holds.  I don’t mind running in the rain, but I really don’t want to.  The course is a nice, shaded by trees and hopefully I’ll be complete within sixty minutes.

After the race I’m planing a nice relaxing weekend.  I hope everyone had a great week and a better weekend.  Any fun stories or adventures planned for the weekend??

Safe journey to all!