Mid week…

Well the week seemed to be going fast, but that came to a screeching halt today.  It seemed like today was really slow, but it could be that I’m done with looking at test questions.  Overall this is a great experience and I’m glad that I had the chance to be involved.  However the after three days straight one starts to question their grip on sanity.  You start to question if you’ve looked at a question before, if the reference is correct because you can’t seem to find the answer on the page, or better yet if you just answered the same question in the last five minutes.  Just a few more days left…..breathe in breathe out.

So the good thing about today…we finished up a bit early, so I managed to get a pretty good late afternoon, early evening run in.  The base here is rather interesting with the buildings and trees.  One can clearly tell that this is an old base.  The weather was perfect for the run too.  It was a nice 65 degrees outside.  Not to warm, not to cold!  If only everyday could be like that….well maybe in eighteen months it will be that way again because hopefully I’ll be on my way back to California…..Nice warm weather again.  Can you tell that I have a dislike of cold weather??  Don’t get me wrong, I like cool weather and I’ll miss the first few snows of the year after that though the niceness of it all wears off.

Well time for a little reading before bed.  Safe and fun journey to all….


For the first time since I left Cali just over eighteen months ago I’m once again traveling for work purposes.  The unfortunate part of this is that I’m not in any new or exciting place….I’m in San Antonio, Texas.  By far not the worst location I could be at for the week, but not the best either….But hey I’ll take it!  After all its a week away from the office. This trip should be rather interesting as well as a learning experience.  I’m here to complete a partial rewrite of promotion test questions for my job.  From what I’ve read the Air Force seems to have a science behind writing test questions.  I’m rather interested to learn more about this science behind it.  It could be helpful knowledge in my everyday writing that I’m constantly trying to improve on.

So the bright side of this trip is that I get sometime with one of my best friends that lives here and I get paid for it….bad thing that time is limited thanks to having to work.  But hey at least I get to see her.  In fact we hung out for most of the day today…did a little shopping, had dinner, and even stopped for some frozen custard.  All that being said equals a run and gym time tomorrow after work.  I must ensure that I keep up the training since I just had to run a 5K Turkey Day Trot plus the 15K in December…Yup I’m a little insane, but hey all that matters is that I’m having fun.

Another fun fact about life…I am officially enrolled in my Masters of Science Degree for Digital Forensic and Cyber Investigation.  My first class starts in January, another great way to start the new year.  The sooner I start the sooner I’m complete and on to the next challenge that waits me….I’m looking forward to the work and the challenges that it will bring too life.

Well I’m off for now….

Safe Journey to everyone and see you soon!

The Week Behind & The Weekend Ahead…

Ever had one of those weeks that just seems to drag on??  Well that is what the past week has felt like…maybe its because of the three day weekend ahead or just the fact that I have plans.  All I know is that I thought the week was never going to end, then finally at three o’clock today it ended.  I’m sure some of it had to do with the fact I had tickets for the St Louis Symphony tonight…1812 Overture and it was just amazing.  In fact that does not even begin to describe the performance that I witnessed tonight.  I can say this, there is another performance in my future before I leave this assignment.

There was really nothing exciting this week.  I think I must have ran at minimum fifteen miles over the course of the week.  I have a PT test next week that I must pass and preferable with an 80% or better.  Oh then today I decided to sign up for some more crazy in my life…In February I am participating in a rugged six mile trail run.  Should be fun, I’m sure there will be snow on the ground to make it that much more enjoyable…somedays I wonder what makes me sign up for these things.  Honestly for the most part, I like the challenges that they present, but I also enjoy the fresh air and the fact that I’m getting my fitness on in a fun way.  It irritates me to read about these people are over weight/obese that think that fit people are only fit because they can afford gym memberships and organic food.  I just want to slap them and then point out that you don’t need a gym to stay fit and that regardless of your income you can still eat a healthy diet.  It is all a matter of how much a person wants it and if they are willing to put forth an effort.

All right enough of my soapbox…I apologize for that!!!

The weekend ahead holds a few things in store (hopefully).  The hubby gets home from his month long business trip tomorrow night.  It will be nice to have him home for a while.  Then either Sunday or Monday we are hopefully off to do a little archery hunting.  And somewhere in there I’m planning on fitting in at least three runs of three miles or more.  Not really sure where I’m going to find the time, but I will…running helps keep the crazy at bay plus keeps me sane and stable…

Safe journey…


So thankfully the week is almost over…I always look forward to the weekends because I can explore and find fun adventures without being on a schedule.  This weekend is going to be hiking in Missouri I think.  There are a few fun yet challenging trails that I have found there and I think it is time to try them before the snow hits this year.  I’m also happy to report that I can now run again, the blisters from the half marathon have healed and the pain has left the building.  Unfortunately Khloe the cat is not happy with this because mom is around even less to throw the pole, but she stills gets her daily dose of attention….just not when she demands it.  Got to love cats, they keep you entertained.

I’m afraid that today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  I just finished a run, the animals are demanding their food and then its time for my own dinner…..

Safe Journey….

First Half Marathon…

So I set out on Saturday to run my first half marathon under three hours and that is just what I accomplished.  I completed the 13.1 miles in 2:45:25…not bad for a first half marathon.  I thoroughly enjoyed pushing myself to the breaking point and I’m looking forward to doing it again in April.  The half  marathon was a good learning experience for things to do next time.  However my body is still a bit sore and my knee is currently rebelling for the torture that I subjected it too…Hopefully it will feel better sooner rather than later because tomorrow I will get a run in one way or another….At this point in time I have only a little less than four weeks until my second Tough Mudder!  I can’t wait.  I find the obstacles to be rather fun and on occasion a bit challenging.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Hopefully no one is working to hard this week.  Any thing fun planned for the upcoming weekend??  I’ll be attending the Scottish Games in St Louis this weekend….I can’t wait.  They are always a blast…I’ll post some pictures!  And hopefully I’ll get a little archery practice, after all hunting season is right around the corner here in Illinois.

Safe Journey….

Punishment (In a good way….I think)

Well its been a while since my last post as always, but life was a little crazy this year.  Finally after years of hard work my Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic science is complete.  It was a long and sometimes challenging road, but I’m glad that its finally come to a close.  I’m now attempting to starting my Masters of Science in Digital Forensic and Cyber Security.  Yup I love to punish myself…just can’t bring myself to take any basket weaving classes.

What else has been going on this year….lets see oh I rode a bicycle across the state of Iowa during RAGBRAI.  That was interesting and fun at the same time.  However now that it has been checked off of the bucket list I do not plan on completing it again.  However I am looking at ziplining in Whistler, B.C. next summer.  The view is spectacular and you reach speeds up to 100 km or around 65 miles per hour over the forest canopy.  It looks like a great adrenaline rush.

This Saturday I will be running my first ever official half-marathon.  It should be a blast since it is also the Air Force half-marathon that I’m running.  I’m hoping for three hours or less…since its my first one I’m not entirely sure what to expect yet so we shall see how it goes.  This will be my learning experience before my next half-marathon in April.  I’m also running another Tough Mudder this year.  Somedays I wonder what is wrong with me….I’m always a glutton for punishment.  Heck I’m even thinking about planning a vacation around a marathon in Scotland at some point over the next few years.  This just gives me another excuse to vacation over there, plus getting to sample some great scotch is another added bonus.

Other fun stuff, I was finally cleared by my doctor to start archery again.  Its amazing how after not shooting for over five months that I could still pull the bow back and that mind and body remember everything as if it was just yesterday.  One never realizes how much they miss something until they are banned from it regardless of the reason.

Well I’m off for the time…What adventures has life brought you??

May everyone have a safe journey…