Is it sad…

This will be short….is it sad that my next Master’s Degree class doesn’t start until 7 Sept, but I’m already studying for it?  I mean really I don’t receive enough torture during the 12 week classes that I have to start adding my own torture to it three to five weeks in advance.  Somedays I really do wonder what is wrong with me.  Life will be painful enough and here I go just adding to that pain.  Maybe some day I might learn…..nope most likely not!

Writing, Feedback and Books….

As I sit here tonight writing this post, I listen to the thunderstorm that is rolling in while thinking about my last post that I wrote. I wrote a post about fear, about how people should embrace fear and learn from it instead of running from it. I’ve never been one to give into fear, so I’d like to find something fun and upbeat to write about in this post….yup it can be hard. Honestly I’m attempting to understand the anatomy of writing a book or I guess I should say creating a story. I have the basic idea, but its hard to find a plot that not only one can write a story about, but that can be developed enough to make it into an entire book.

I think however that I have come up with a plan. Once I finally decided on my plot, I’ll write what I can. After that I’ll go back and work of developing the story even further until I have something to work with for a book. And honestly I never expect to be a published author; I just want to write a book to prove to myself that I can do it. My writing is not great; I proofread things about twenty times before I feel that it’s almost good enough for public eye. And even once I’ve decided that it’s ready for the public eye I still find errors require corrections.

I’m by no means perfect at writing so I have to practice. It is this fact that started me on the journey of blogging. The blog gives me a means to write, practice, and sometimes even be a little creative. The blog also gives me the chance to receive feedback from people, both positive and negative. So by all means leave any feedback you like. It does not matter whether it is positive or negative, all feedback is good as long as we take that way, learn from it and move forward in life!

Embracing fear…

I follow and read a multitude of different blogs. I do this for a number of reasons. First off I find it interesting to read what other write about. Second I learn about my own writing which in turn helps my writing skills to grow. Earlier today I came across a blog post that I found to be rather sad. It wasn’t sad because of the subject but more because of what the writer believed.

This particular author had not written any blog post in over a year. They stated this was because someone told them that they had no business writing in a blog because their writing was bad. First off we are a species of learning. We crave learning and to better ourselves. So to fear other people’s critiques and allow them to stop you from something is just sad in my eyes. If I were to fear what others say about me or their critiques then I would have missed out on a lot throughout life. They should learn from the experience and advice. They should not hide in fear from something they enjoy simply because of what others think or say.

When people critique your work, you should run with that information. Even if you think they are being mean or just don’t like your work. Take what they say and try to improve. Try to understand what they might not like about the work, try to find a way to add improvement.  I’ve come to learn over the years that things can always be improved upon, nothing is perfect! Something else to remember is some people don’t understand what they sound like when they are giving critiques, they might just be a blunt and to the point type person also. I know I’m guilty of this. I really dislike people beating around the bush and attempting to sugar coat things. Just come out and tell me I suck and where you see a problem at. I’m going to take what you say to heart and attempt to improve.

But the lesson here is to not hide from fear, but to grow and learn from it! If we hide every time something scares us then we will never move forward in life. I mean think about history if people had hidden because of their fears we as a species wouldn’t be as advanced as we are. Many writers had their work critique by others…imagine if Jane Austen, Rudyard Kipling, Voltaire and even Ernest Hemingway had stopped writing just because of what others said. Think of all the great stories and books that would never had been written for minds to read….And these are just author, think about the scientist, activist, humanitarians, and even just those that commit everyday ordinary acts of kindness.  Embrace fear!

Safe journey…


This is going to be a little short.  The craziness of the week has ended.  The retirement for my boss that I’ve been assisting in planning for the past two months went off without a problem  The entire ceremony looked really nice, there was a great showing of people, and the boss was happy with everything.  That is all that mattered!  For as much as I’ll miss the boss I’m glad the ceremony is over and done.  I’ll be honest after planning a few of these I’ve decided that I’m not having a retirement ceremony.  I’m just going to have a party at the house that night for close friends and family.  Life will be so much better for everyone.

So with that fun being over the next fun begins.  Tomorrow morning I have a 10K run…it should be fun as long as the weather holds.  I don’t mind running in the rain, but I really don’t want to.  The course is a nice, shaded by trees and hopefully I’ll be complete within sixty minutes.

After the race I’m planing a nice relaxing weekend.  I hope everyone had a great week and a better weekend.  Any fun stories or adventures planned for the weekend??

Safe journey to all!

How quickly time moves…

Wow it is just amazing how time seems to fly.  Its hard to believe that we are already in June.  I guess when you keep yourself busy you don’t notice time as much.  The past few months have been a bit of a blur, but good none the less.

First off I completed my first Master’s degree class in April.  I passed with a B+, not bad for my first class and the tremendous amount of work that was required of it.  I decided to take the summer off from school and will be starting my next class in September.  I’m looking forward to the class and the challenge.  Hopefully I’ll be complete with my degree in about two years, but we shall see how things go.  I need to finish before June 2017 since I’m planning on retiring from the military that year.  Then of course my crazy self has decided to use my 911 G.I. bill after retirement to get another Bachelors degrees before starting another job.

The month of May had a lot of excitement going on.  First off I took a two week vacation to Southern California to visit friends and family.  In fact I saw my best friend from middle school and high school while I was there.  It was the first time in 17 years since we had seen one another.  It was amazing to get in touch with her again.  We picked up right where we left off.  We spent Mother’s day weekend visiting with her parents.  It was amazing to see my second family after so many years away from them.  It was good therapy for me and so rewarding.  We also hit up Disneyland for a day. Talk about some great fun plus we didn’t get arrested.   Always looking at the brighter side of things.  We also got a visit into the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.    We didn’t have time to get through everything, but hey it gives something to finish up the next time I visit!

The planning of the trip was great because I was able to catch up with a lot of my family.  I had dinner with my dad, aunt and cousin one of the nights.  I had Sunday brunch with the other side of the family.  Finally meet my cousins sons, the other cousins husband, and saw a long lost aunt (she’s not really a long lost aunt, its just that I only see her about once every five years because I can’t always make family get together).  Everything made for a wonderful and enjoyable vacation.  I can’t wait until I can go back and hang with the unbiological seester again.  And somewhere in all the fun and craziness of visiting family and sight seeing I managed to finish a few books on my “to-read” list.

Tomorrow starts my official training for the Chicago Marathon.  I’m starting to get a little more excited about the full marathon and less nervous about it.  I will complete the run, it will be less than four hours and thirty minutes and it will be a wonderfully fun journey to the finish line!  Running has been such a great journey of discovery for me.  It has helped me find myself, my limits so that I can push beyond and helped me to journey down the path to a healthier lifestyle.  Running as been a rewarding adventure since I started just a few years ago.  Hopefully nothing impedes this wonderful journey of mine.  I had another MRI on my hip.  This one didn’t show anything.  So far the doctors are letting my continue to run since there is no pain during the activity.  They haven’t decided what the next step might be to deciphering what the problem is.

Well enough about my life adventures.  How is everyone else doing?  Has anyone out there had any fun adventures they want to pass along?  I’m always up for something new to try.  Any good books that you’ve read lately?

Safe journey to all!!!

Still running…For now

So I went to see the doctor yesterday about a problem/pain I’ve been having in my hip.  After 30 plus minutes of her twisting, pushing and just causing me discomfort she decided to send me for an MRI.  She thinks that I have torn or damaged my cartilage in the hip which is causing the pain when I move my leg certain directions.   Thankfully there is no pain during walking, running or hiking.  So she said that I could continue to run and train for my half and full marathons.  Now of course that was with the caveat that if I start to feel pain then I have to stop and come back to the office.  So now I have to wait for the first MRI which is scheduled for the end of this month to discover what the problem might be.  Unfortunately she told me that I will most likely have to go through an additional MRI for them to diagnose the problem.  The doctor also said I had to start using my foam roller more because of IT band issues.  Lucky me…I hate the foam roller, its painful!!!

So until there is pain while running or they tell me otherwise I’m containing my path down training for a marathon.  This morning the base had a 5K for Sexual Assault and Bystander Intervention Awareness month.  And you better believe that I was out there, especially since it was an alternate duty location (in other words I got the morning off from work to be outdoors).  I finished in 32 minutes; I’m almost back down to a 30 minute 5K.  Its nice to start seeing improvements finally.  I’m attempting to run my July Chicago half marathon in 2:15.  I shaved 12 minutes off my last half marathon time so I believe that 15 minutes is possible.  Regardless of the time its going to be fun and I have time to do a little site seeing while I’m there.

Otters news, I have ten days left of class.  I cannot wait for this class to be over with.  The group project is becoming a never ending layer of craziness.  All I have to do at this point is pass the final and group projects with an 80 percent or higher.  As long as I get at least a “B” in the class that is all I care about.  I’m looking forward to the time off from class.  I will not be taking a class this summer.  I plan to enjoy the outdoors, some reading, and a little traveling.

Safe journey to all…

May They All Find Peace…

The week has gone by somewhat fast, but not nearly as fast as I would like.  The weekend is suppose to be beautiful, so I’m looking forward to a hike at the lake and hopefully a few good days of outdoors running.  My recovery period from the half marathon is up, so its back  to pounding the pavement or in some cases the treadmill.  I must continue my marathon training.  I’m expecting an acceptance email into the Chicago Marathon for October.  The unfortunate part is that I have a half marathon the weekend after, a half marathon three weeks prior, plus a physical fitness test due in the month of October.  It should be a fun and interesting five weeks.

So for those of you that might live in a cave or under a rock (and some do and I do not hold that against anyone) the Boston Marathon bomber was found guilty on all 30 accounts today.  I have to say as a runner and a person that I was glad to see that justice will be served in someway.  I hope that the victims of that bombing, both those still a live and those that have past from this world find some peace in that verdict and in the punishment that will be given.

May those souls rest in peace knowing that justice has been served…..

Safe journey to all…..